Who we are

Raino Tech4Impact is a social enterprise that leverages technology to strengthen the African value chain. We are deploying technology-enabled solutions in agriculture to increase productivity and efficiency

Agriculture contributes to 80% of East Africa Community GDP,  we are utilizing both existing and innovative technologies in sub-sectors like fisheries and aquaculture to help the producers and traders manage the post-harvest losses, improve quality assurance and market access.

We are championing the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDG 12) of responsible production and consumption.

Our Values

Reliability & Efficiency
Innovation & Sustainability
Inclusivity and Responsibility


Be a leading agent of change in transforming Africa globally competitive digital economies.


To leverage technology as an enabler to optimize the African food value chain.

Our Services

Affordable, Reliable, and Efficient Coldchain

Refrigeration as a service

Solar Refrigeration

Postharvest losses remains a huge challenge for farmers in developing countries in Africa due to lack of adequate supporting infrastructure. We are offering affordable, solar-powered refrigerators in a ‘cooling as a service’ model to preserve harvests and sell them at the right prices at the right time.

Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics

Small-scale fish producers and traders looking to access the far markets often lack reliable and affordable cold logistics. Our solution is more than that, we have integrated a shared services system that lowers the cost and removes cold-chain access-related barriers to lucrative distant markets.

Why choose us: Value Proposition

We offer more than just technology, you gain more with us.

Our temperature-controlled logistics and storage increase productivity at a fraction of the cost through shared services.  We have industry-compliant solutions, customized to your company’s SoPs.

Increased income

We are working to improve efficiency in small-scale farmers’ productivity by reducing post-harvest losses and increasing income.

Cold Logistics

Our cold truck will enable you to access regional markets under the shared services program, this will increase your customer base.


Our coolers can store your perishables at the right temp for a long time without being affected by power loss,  and with zero operating cost.

Market Access

In collaboration with our partners,  we are helping small scale fish producers and traders unlock market access by sharing real-time market data 

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