Sustainable Agriculture


Raino Tech4Impact leverages technology as an enabler to power sustainable agriculture.

According to East Africa Community website- Agriculture is one of East Africa’s most important sectors, with about 80 per cent of the population of the region living in rural areas and depending on agriculture for their livelihood. The agricultural sector is dominated by smallholder mixed farming of livestock, food crops, cash crops, fishing and aquaculture. Our main focus being livestock, fisheries and Aquaculture, we have introduced new sustainable practices like off-grid cold chain solutions, cold-chain logistics all this riding on a shared service model to reduce cost and lower entry barriers.

In the blue economy, Aquaculture provides an opportunity for increasing fish production and indirectly reducing the pressure on inland lakes fish stocks that are on the decline and dominated by young fish. The decline is partly attributed to the rapid growth of the human population and fast-growing regional and international market demand for fish.

FAO is warning that the East African countries and others on the continent face a sharp decline in fish catch unless they embrace sustainable fishing practices and respect the ecological balance in river and lake ecosystems.


Sustainable Unbreakable cold-chain solution in the red & white meat value chain.

  • First Mile

    After the harvest, the small scale producers can use our off-grid KIC Cool Boxes, this will help them have a longer retention period and therefore they can negotiate for better prices.

  • Coldchain – Logistics

    Using a collaborative tool- an online web platform, clients can book for our cold chain truck in a ‘shared service’ and meant to help them access distant markets while keeping it in a fresh state.

  • Markets – Last Mile

    The traders are mostly in urban areas markets, but due to power loss, the high cost of the power, they need a backup to prolong the shelf life, our cold storage can take DC and AC. This means that it has an inbuilt solar powered backup system in case of power loss or rise in the cost of power.


Our Milestones

Raino Tech4Impact has developed partnerships to make the foundation to help the fisheries sector. Our approach has the producers and traders get value for the white/red meat produce by not just offering the cold storage but training them on best practices in managing harvests and market insights.

As a social enterprise, our innovative business model lowers entry barriers and empowers small-scale farmers to have a chance in the markets.


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